We couldn't do it without these Partners!  Please join others in “partnering” your business or company with the Louisville Community Cupboard.  This will benefit both you and the Louisville community.

Please call for more information:

Sally Samblanet    330-704-7418
Ralph Gibson        330-705-4099

Green Meadows Health & Wellness Center
7770 Columbus Road – Louisville, Ohio 44641

  • Short Term Rehabilitation and Award Winning Care
  • Voted Best of the Best Nursing Facility in Stark County 2017
  • Newly remodeled with ALL Private rooms, bathrooms and a new Therapy Gym.

Stop in to see why Stark County voted Green Meadows as the #1 Rehabilitation unit in the County!
Green Meadows seeks to not only help people in the health arena, but also help their neighbors who are in need.

Being active in the Louisville Community is a hallmark of Green Meadows so it was not a surprise that the facility offered to make monthly donations to the Louisville Community Cupboard.  This money is earmarked to provide fruit each month for those who come to the LCC.  This has been such a blessing to all who need a helping hand in the Louisville Community.


Midlake Products & Manufacturing
819 North Nickelplate – Louisville, Ohio  44641

From a family garage to a 65,000 SF facility, Midlake continues to service over 250 customers with pride and satisfaction in a job well done.  Twenty eight years of providing customers across North America with custom hinges and metal fabricated parts.

The Midlake partnership has grown and evolved into different types of support.  Initially, Midlake picked up food and supplies for LCC from the Akron Food Bank while delivering parts to customers in the Cleveland-Akron area.  These pick-ups continue on a twice monthly basis.

When it was apparent that some of the basic staples for community families were consistently needed, like paper towels and toilet paper, Midlake addressed the shortage by including LCC weekly needs with their own purchases for their office and plant.  Also, Midlake employees can opt into a program that funnels their donations into a fund that is used to purchase needed items for the LCC.


Kountze Memorial Lutheran Church
930 South Nickelplate – Louisville, Ohio 44641

Although the LCC has been in existence for approximately 15 years, Kountze Memorial Lutheran Church became a “partner” of LCC about 8 years ago.  This church family stepped up to simply provide a home for us and serve as a distribution site for the 44641 area.

Since that time, they not only have provided a home, but their congregation has created a community garden that serves our pantry well during the summer months.  This was a much needed project.  Thanks to their gardening ministry and all the community donations, we now offer many fresh vegetables to our clients.

Just recently, the church council agreed to allow a food bank crew, Louisville Women’s Club, to use the kitchen for making laundry detergent.  This was a project created several years ago by Michelle Wilson, but now needed someone to continue and house the project.  “The Soapers”, volunteers armed with hot water, Fels-Naptha soap, Arm & Hammer washing soda and borax are providing clients with homemade laundry detergent on a monthly basis.