It is an honor to be in a community that still cares so much about their neighbors.  The adults and young people of Louisville have been a huge help during this school year.  It is so nice to receive those phone calls asking how to help spearhead food drives, stock shelves or sort cans.

During March, April and May the following food drives have taken “center stage”:

The students and staff of Louisville Schools came together for their annual All-Star Event on March 14th.  Price of admission was canned goods. The evening ended with an epic storm which brought everything to a quick close, but the donations were outstanding!!

Thanks to the Stuff the Bus food drive conducted by Louisville Schools from April 2 through April 25.  Students and staff did a tremendous job with this food drive!  This will definitely make an impact in helping to fill the shelves at the Louisville Community Cupboard.  We received two huge busloads of non-perishables.  

Special thanks to the employees who traveled from school to school loading all the donations and then delivering them to the food pantry here in Louisville on April 26th. They did a tremendous job in delivering approximately 4000 pounds of non-perishables. 

On Saturday, May 11th, the Annual Letter Carriers Food Drive (Stamp out Hunger) took place.  This happens each year on Mother’s Day weekend and thanks to this community and of course the Louisville Postal carriers, it is always a huge success.  We do realize the extra work this takes on the part of Louisville Postal Workers and are thankful for their participation in this National event.  All the donations are brought from the Post Office to the Louisville Community Cupboard by Pantry volunteers and stay here in the Louisville Community which serves approximately 150 families twice monthly.  This food drive provided 5260 pounds of non-perishables.

On May 15th, Key Bank once again spent their Community Day (Neighbors Make a Difference) at the Louisville Community Cupboard. 

Thanks to your generous donations, the whole afternoon was consumed with sorting and stocking shelves.  What a tremendous help!!

Thank you, Louisville!!
Sally Samblanet, Director


Our Mission

To offer grocery items to community members who are unable to provide for themselves and their families during critical periods of need. The Louisville Community Cupboard is committed to the belief that neighbors should help neighbors.

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Average Monthly Distribution

Households w/ children 71
Households w/o children 182
Total households253
Senior (60+) 
Seniors w/ children 29
Seniors w/o children 140
Total seniors169
Adults (18-59) 
Adults w/ children 160
Adults w/o children 164
Total adults324
Children (0-17) 
Total children 99
Total served w/ children158
Total served w/o children304
Total served462

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